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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

never say never

From the Merrian Webster Dictionary: 
inanimate:  not animate:
a: not endowed with life or spirit
b: lacking consciousness or power of motion

So do you Name Inanimate Objects?  I know of boats that are named, and houses and estates are named, and Tropical Storms are named. But....... I don't have a boat to name, and my house isn't named, and I have nothing do to with naming Tropical Storms.  Don't blame me, that's the weather service.  (And Tropical Storms named Ike:  I use the name of the storm - but that's tomorrows' blog!)
No, I don't usually name inanimate objects. Don't really see the need.
Well, maybe just this one time.  But there were extenuating circumstances:  DD. 
DD is the name of a machine.....

Of course, there is a story. There is always a story, isn't there?

So, here goes:
One day, many years ago, two friends proved to their husbands that they were crazy and went together and purchased a very nice quilting machine made by Handi Quilter.

The two friends decided that the "machine" as they called it when they first ordered it, would live at one house and the two friends would share the "machine" and supplies and fun. (I don't remember why the "machine" lives at my house, I'm just glad it does, something to do with space and maybe a kid or two, or, I really don't remember.)

So, the "machine" was delivered and a key to the house was given, and it was decided if, heaven forbid, something happened to either of the friends, the other would just get the "machine". This agreement the husbands both were made aware of, and the hubbies both agreed and still thought the friends were crazy!

The "machine" was delivered on a cold February day. Both friends already had quilt tops made and ready and waiting for the "machine".  Neither friend really knew what they were going to DO once the machine was up and going, but anticipation was high. Both friends were present for set-up and when instructions were given.  Both friends practiced and practiced on a pretend quilt sandwich. And both friends LOVED the new machine.

As sometimes happens with new toys and giddiness, it was decided between the two friends that this "machine" was a NEW FRIEND in their circle.   "It" became a "she".  And "she" needed a name. The two friends could no longer just call "it" a "machine"!

As fate would have it, one of the friends' names is Debra, and the other friends' name is Diane. And since this was a new friend in the circle, "she" became the welcomed new friend, DD!  D-from Debra and D-from Diane.  Or D-from Diane and D-from Debra.  Since they were both D names, It didn't matter which came first.  So.....DD:  friend of Debra and Diane.

The two friends loved DD and don't know how they functioned in their quilty little lives before DD was around. DD has helped with so many issues in their lives: weddings, babies, grandbabies, picnics, graduations, birthdays, friends locally, across the entire U.S. of A., and overseas.  And yes, even funerals.

Debra and Diane are so very pleased they made a new friend in DD. It's as if she has always been in their lives!  Neither is afraid or nervous around DD anymore.
The Moral of the story:  It's like this inanimate object needed to be named.  Ok, maybe thats not really a moral, but you understand, don't you? 

But I don't have any other names for any other inanimate objects.

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  1. How cool. Do you guys have a website? The only things I've ever named are my car and my laptop, Ava and Zsa Zsa. lol It was an extravagance at the time.


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