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Tuesday, September 22, 2009





I'm not readddddyyyy!
Autumnal equinox:
Sept 22, 2009;
5:18 P.M. EDT

The trees are trying to tell me.
Fall is arriving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I know the calendar is saying it is so. And I know the weather is saying it.  The time of sunset is telling me, too.  And.....  I'm just not ready to admit it. 

In the early evenings I can hear the wild turkeys calling, and I know they are preparing for the season's change.  I even found a picture of a turkey getting ready for ...........something!

OK...this is really not the wild turkey I have been hearing, it's a cutie of a neice with her fair project turkey named "Chimichanga" in/during the costume contest.  They won for best costume in the turkey/participant category.
In this shot picture (probably shouldn't say shot around a turkey) Chimichanga was very tired of being a soccer ball.  But even he was making the noises like fall was here...

I guess I'll have to admit that another summer is gone.

I love Autumn, so it's not that I am not looking forward to the season that is coming. I really am!  I have decorations to put out, and quilts to move around.  I can start making soups everyday if I want and people won't think I'm crazy!  I don't know how to explain it. It just seems that time is flying by, and if summer is gone, then another year is half gone!  Just not ready for that either!

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