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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day

I found this description on a government websight:
"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor union movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers." 
If I was asked, I would guess that this was started in the early 1880's. 1882 or 1881 maybe.  But don't qoute me on this, that number just came to mind as I was writing about Labor Day.  My dad was a union guy, and I remember talking about the date and celebration with him many years ago. 

Anyway, Labor Day is still held the first Monday of September, but I think it has evolved into more of a last hurrah of summer rather than union celebration.

And as for me, I am truly laboring!  I am getting the house ready for my paternal family reunion, held here at my house every year on the weekend after Labor Day.  I have painted, cobwebbed inside and out (see pic below), scrubbed the outdoor furniture,  prepped the bonfire area and cleaned the roasting sticks, weeded, trimmed, set up tables indoors, have the tent ready to put up, pulled out a couple of recipes I am thinking about trying, and even thought about a few activites.  Made a couple of lists (!) too.  One for things to get at the grocery, one for checking things off as they are accomplished.

Just seeing all that in writing makes me tired all over again!  Or maybe because its going on midnight - noooo, that couldn't be it!  Where does time go? Oh, yea, I quilted today, too!

"D.D." the HandiQuilter machine made it back home from her vacation late this week.  She had serious tension issues and needed "a facial and lyposuction" and whatever else the techs do for unruly machines.  I was so excitied for her return! I got her set back up in her old room, (I decided to wait to move her to her new room after the family reunion). 
So, this afternoon I quilted two throw size quilts, here are a few pictures:

This is Louise's (only her 4th quilt).  She is making them for her grandchildren.
She asked for meandering clouds, and I offered to stitch in some "documentation"(first photo below).  She also pieces the backs and adds photos of the recipient (second photo below).  It's a great job, isn't it, and only her 4th quilt!
The quilt below is by Dawn (she did great points!).  And just meandering, nothing fancy.
I have another quilt prepped, hopefully to work on a little tomorrow afternoon.
And now the cobweb issue:
This a shot of the front porch.
Notice the wasp nest between the window panes?
This and cobwebs!
This is a close up
of some of the cobwebs.
More cobwebs.
Labor, labor, labor...
maybe I should unionize...
Hope your Labor Day is very little labor and alot of celebration!

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