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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a good book and a quilt

Back to the book "I couldn't put down".....
Three Moons Over Sedona
Sherry Hartzler

As you can see,
this is where I spent
an evening...
curled up with a quilt
('cause I didn't want to get up and close the patio door and it was REALLY chillin' off!)
and with a really good book that I hated to put down!
And before I start getting lectures about how I lay down my book and break the spine and all that librarian stuff, it is my book and I will lay it open and dog-ear the pages and heaven forbid, even write notes in the margin (!!!) if I want, because, 1 - it is my book, and 2 -that just means I love it!
And no, I did not read it for a book club, or for any other reason other than pleasure.  And it was a pleasure.
"Three Moons" starts out that the main character, Georgia, who lives in central Ohio, has an "event" in her life.  She's driving on Polaris Parkway to go get some milk and ends up on Route 71, heading south, searching for something, anything, maybe answers.  There was great character developement and the plot was intriguing and it made you think about life and regrets and hope and, wait, this is sounding like a review!  Not my intention, to do a review, there would be rules to follow and all that stuff!  I just wanted to share about this great book.   
This is Sherry's first published book and it is definately worth the read.  She will be in Delaware, Ohio at the Beehive Book Store this Saturday, Sept. 12th at one o'clock to meet and greet and sign.  Worth the drive if you can make it.  Just google Three Moons Over Sedona Sherry Hartzler and it will bring up complete info about the event.  This is a book worth reading again and having in your library.  I'm thinking it would make great Christmas gifts! 
Speaking of Polaris Parkway: 
I was on Polaris Parkway near Route 71
and saw THIS:

and THIS:
That is Buckeye Fever!
Doesn't it make you smile?
Go Bucks!
Now back to quilting, and cleaning and prepping for my family reunion!
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Hope your day is great!


  1. Sounds like a good book. The author is local?

  2. Sherry Hartzler grew up in Delaware County and now lives near Jackson, Ohio. It's her first published book. Very proud of her!


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