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Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st: Happy Halloween and 2nd: It's Here!!!

Happy Halloween!

The weather came in rainy and cool in the a.m., but during the day it had dried off and warmed up just a little, so by trick-or-treating time it was a beautiful autumn evening.  (Only 3 little beggars stopped by.) 
 We set up a couple of small awnings, strung up some lights and put a couple of tables underneath.  Looked very fall-ish.  Here's some stuff I took down to the bonfire:

Weenie roasting stuff, hand wipes, chili toppings, cups with ballots for the best chili voting, smores fixin's.  Oh, and Prizes!  Runner-up ladles, and grand-champion Chef hat and chef-looking glasses with wiskers.  (A lot of those professional chefs have facial hair, don't they?)
 The bonfire/chili cook-off/reverse trick-or-treating was a hit! 

Hard decisions on the grand champion chili! 
There was a white chili, a 3 Bean Italian with spinach and a kick, and three, more traditional versions: one with sour cream, one with cheddar cheese and corn chips, and the last with a side of pasta, three beans, chipotle and jalapenos topped with fresh onions and cheddar cheese-this one had an after kick also!  Really, hard to just vote for one, but we did!  The 3 Bean Italian, spinach,kicker won!  Winners below, right:

Had to keep tasting and tasting and tasting though!  
Look at those slow cookers...15 or so of us and we pretty much wiped them out!  Yum!!! Thanks to all who participated in the cook-off.  It was nice to see everyone and visit and the friendly rivalry was a blast.  We will definately do this again!
And 2nd:
It's Here!!!                                     Rouenneries:
  the long awaited line of fabric by French General for Moda.  It arrived in my mail box today.  I think I might have done a little dance roadside at the mailbox when I saw that box had arrived!  I'll have to ask the neighbors later if they saw mailbox dancing!  And they know me well enough to not think I'm really nutso.  Not crazy for mailbox dancing and not even crazy for asking if they saw me mailbox dancing!  O.K., maybe a little, but hey, this is worth it!
I checked around all the local quilt shops AND the not so local quilt shops and no one had ordered the line, so I ordered from .  It's a great on-line store.  They get the complete lines of fabrics and the customer service is extraordinary.  Shipped within 24 hours, plastic bagged inside the box and had a nice, personalized hand-written note and ink pen as a gift! 
Thanks, Jennifer!

Look, what do you think? 
Doesn't that make you want to dance just a little?
The red print fabric on the right will be the outside border and some of the piecing.  The cream fabric second from the right will be the background for the hand stitchery for all the birds and applique baskets.  The rest will be all the Irish chain piecing. 
And leftovers for my stash!
I am planning on making the "Irish Birds" quilt, pattern by Lynette Anderson. 
I'll post this pic again:

That is Lynette and me standing in front of her origninal "Irish Birds" quilt at the quilt market in Houston last month.  Isn't it just gorgeous?  I can't believe I have so many things lined up to do this week already, when all I want to do is cut into this delicious stack of fabrics!  Patience, patience, patience.  I keep telling myself this.  Maybe I can start with some of the hand embroidery tomorrow night!   Oh, yeah, patience.  I almost forgot!
Thanks for stopping by, hope your Halloween weekend was spooktacularly beautiful!

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  1. Your chili cook-off looks/sounds like great fun! Thanks for the quilt shop link--great stuff there. Hugs,Sheila


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