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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


just a little unsewing and resewing... 
It's that time of year - prom time...
(remember that if you try to go out for dinner
in the next few weekends).

This year,
I got to alter THE yellow dress
that Kate wore in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...

well, not THE dress that Kate wore, but
a dress made to order like Kate wore...

I also got to alter this
beautiful floral:
remember when???
if we saw a dress on t.v. that we liked,
we  M-A-D-E  it?
Fabric shopping, measuring, cutting,
sewing, unsewing, resewing,
 fitting, sewing,
fitting, hemming...

Nowadays, you get online,
do a quick search,
compare prices,
click order,
and in a couple of days -
waa-laa, the dress appears in your mailbox!

Anyway, the yellow dress
is just as cute on Abby as it was on Kate,
and the floral was as cute on Ali as it was pictured...

Love them both,
(and the movie was cute, too).

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