Lucy Boston

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have become a stalker...

Way back the middle of January,
I subscribed to the new magazine
and I have been waiting patiently,
knowing that it was coming out in April.

Other folks that have become blog-friends
 have shown their first issue as it has arrived,
and it looks like all it was portrayed to be and more...

Last weekend at the
International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio,
I saw that the Primitive Quilts and Projects people had a booth there. 
I was soooo excited to see that the
magazines' first issue was being shipped
and it should be in my mail box soon!

So, my poor mail lady...
Almost every mail day I hear the mail truck
coming around the corner
and I head down to my mail box at the road...
so right about the time that she pulls that truck up to my box,
I'm there to greet her....
Rain, snow, sleet, hail, gale force winds or sunshine,
I've walked through it all.

At first I think mail lady thought it was nice -
I greeted her and thanked her for my mail,
asked how her day was going,
you know,
all the niceties that you say to people
that you really don't know but see regularly...

Eventually, I think mail lady saw through my niceties
and saw my disappointment when I flipped through my mail,
looking for THE new magazine
and not finding it in my sweaty little hands.
So, I think mail lady has deduced
that I'm really coming to find something that is being delivered,
not really walking down to greet her every mail day. 
Sorry, mail lady...
I'm just stalking you
to get my new magazine!!!


  1. Isn't this magazine a combination of shops and designers? I am thinking the Woolen Willow. Am I right? Is Jan Patek involved in this too? Oh tell me oh wise one.

  2. I want to be good enough to make things like this someday!


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