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Saturday, April 30, 2011

more class stuff

I love fall colors and all of the fall colored fabrics are just yummy:
 I made a whole bunch of one and a half inch strips, sewed them together into a whole bunch of light/dark/light and reverse dark/light/dark strips, then sub-cut into one and a half inch strips:
 to sew together to make a whole bunch of these:
 to go around the stitchery part of this:
for the Vintage Trick or Treat,
a Crabapple Hill pattern.
I'm leading this hand stitch embroidery class
at Always in Stitches here in Ohio.
It's our goal to stitch the center block this month
& do a little piecing too,
stitch the top banner next month, and so on,
until we have them all stitched in the next five months.
That way we'll have a quilt top ready by October!!!

You are more than welcome to join in at home...
we meet the third Tuesday at the shop,
but if you send me your pics, I'll add them here to share with others!

Ready, set, go!
The center stitched block is our goal for May 17th 


  1. What a cute project Debra! You are a great leader!

  2. Are you coloring any of the "redwork" panels? I want to know more about the coloring with crayons technique. I will call you soon.

    Lil ole me in Cville


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