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Thursday, April 7, 2011

a couple more meanderings

I really love all of the quilts that I get to meander all over...
so much talent,
so much creativity,
so much drooling...
wait, not really the drooling part, really,
 but I do like both of these that I got to do so far this week ...

First up is Ann's. 
Ann found these unfinished dresdens,
piecing that her grandmother and mother started in 1932,
I believe.
She rescued them, put them to blocks,
added sashings and borders, and look how great:
 Next is a newer pattern called Milton's Musketballs.
I did Sashiko stitching in a chocolate brown thread
(and I love it).  This finished at about 25" x 30".
and now that I've seen it and quilted it,
I think I am adding it to my "I will make one, someday" list.

On a different note,
I am packed and ready to head off to the International Quilt show. 
It's only a couple of hours ride, but you'd think it was longer,
looking at the stitching stuff I packed!
That's the plan though,
I am going to get soooo much hand stitching done in those few hours!

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