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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I should be doing some meandering...

meandering on quilts...
I have a quilt all loaded on the machine.
I went and refilled my water cup-the reusable coffee shop cold cup with the sealed lid and straw--the big one.

I shuffled the laundry from the wash to the dry.
I de-sheeted the bed.
I put the sheets into the washing machine.
I went back and looked at the quilt that is all loaded.
I got out some more thread spools and pulled out about a yard or so from each and laid the threads all over the quilt top.
I drank some more water, so had to refill my cup again.
And because I am drinking all of this water, I'll have to stop in the bathroom again soon.
Is it almost time for lunch?
So from the above paragraph, did you read:  Stalling?

That's definitely what I'm doing.
Stalling, with a capital S.

Most of the time I put those commission quilts on the machine and I just jump right into the meandering:
Most of the time the thread color choice for the top is a cinch.
Most of the time the thread color choice for the back is a cinch.
Most of the time the meandering design choice is a cinch.

That's the hard part for me:
choosing the design and thread color that is permanent for this quilt, for this person...
something that I think will be the right design/color for the customer/friend,
that they'll have to live with for as long as this quilt exists.
Whoa, that's deep...

So, I'm stalling, as nothing is coming to me.
And, yes, I may be thinking too hard and too long on this.
Really, it's just a quilt, not rocket science, I know.
I don't have a heart waiting in a cooler or anything like that.

But, I want to make it a "fit" for this person who has trusted me to finish their labor of love.
It needs to be right.  For them.  And for me.

So, I should really stop blogging and stop doing the laundry,
and everything else that I have been doing for the last half hour,
and get that machine a-cranking a-hopping a-stitching.
Yep, that's what I should do,
after I re-fill my water cup again.
Capital S, I tell you   :)

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  1. Get going, girl. That quilt ain't gonna stitch itself. I'm one to talk...four basted quilts and not one stitch taken. I can't decide whether to try a new freestyle design or just do my usual meander and get them done.


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