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Monday, April 11, 2011

is today the tomorrow

that I promised pics from the International Quilt Festival?
Sorry, day late!  Where does the time go?

I don't have a whole lot of pics to share from the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival,
as most of what I liked the most were in "no Photo" areas... like SAQA, the Studio Art Quilt Association.  There is a publication that comes out later with all the "winners" pictures, but the book would have to be HUGE if they put in all that I thought were winners!!!
The talent was amazing at the whole show!
We, the collective we, should all give ourselves a pat on the back AND a great big blue ribbon, as I think we are all winners in the quilt arena!

Anyway, I did ask a friend for her pics, so here are a few:
(I tried to get the pics all loaded so that you can double click on each pic and enlarge it to see the amazing details)
In the first pic, the creamy-white area had a sheen to it,
and it made it look very three dimensional
& just jump out at you,
like you were wearing 3D glasses...
and, check out the bottom right corner that is turned -
amazing quilting:
YO YOs!!!!
This one was the most beautiful rust color
and the thread-work was excellent:
This one was paper-pieced, ribbon embroidered,
machine quilted and had beautiful thread work
(& check out those teeny-tiny little points!):
and finally, a one color quilt that had the best use of tones...
the picture looks like it was shot in grey scale, but it really was the true color:
That's it for now...
Back to the quilting machine -
I can see that I need some more practice!  :)

Happy Stitching!

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