Lucy Boston

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a picture is worth

a thousand words?
Maybe not my pictures---maybe only about ten words or so...,
but I do take pictures 
to use them for
editing my quilts
in progress.

I took this picture:
(That's a whole lot of applique!!!-- six words :) 

of my blocks, laid out all together, to see if:
  • One, I like the posie colors next to each other, as some blocks can be rotated/switched
  • Two, to see if I am missing any elements
  • Three, to see if I've sewn something/placed something were it shouldn't be.

So, the One -
colors play well together, I think...
at least at this point I am not un-sewing anything.

The Two,
I'm missing a leaf in between the bottom right bunny's ears

The Three,
top left bunny - the leaf out in front of him is too high to meet the stem from the middle bloom block...oops, a little un-sewing there.

And, as I look again, the top two bunnies are missing the leaf that goes between their ears.
Don't know that this one bothers me enough to put them in...

What do you think?
Two more leaves
to make the top two bunny blocks
the same as the bottom two bunny blocks???
(:I did wonder why I had two leaves left-over...:)

What's your opinion?


  1. You know it will bother you, just put them in.

  2. I like it!!!! Very nice. You are so fast at applique too. Way past my standard :-)


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