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Saturday, February 4, 2012

blue winter

Not blue as in sad
(well, maybe a little sad, as there is very little snow :(
No, I'm talking blue as in number 336.
DMC 336...

Yes, it's raining/snowing
and blowing outside.
But, I'm stitching away inside-
on my blue winter...

Yep, I've started stitching another Winter Wonderland.
Remember that Crabapple Hill beauty that I stitched three years ago?
The one in red?
The one that I finally got quilted and hung in the great room this year?

Well, I have two children.
The older, the sonny, saw the red one and asked if it was for someone.
I said "me".
He asked if his name could go on it.

A few weeks later, my second child, the girlie?
Well, she said basically the same thing -
could her name go on it?

Now, my children,
neither really gives a fig about
my quilting. 
They like it and look at it (sometimes)
kind of like they are interested in what dear ol' momma is doing.
But, neither really has taken much of an interest before.

That is,
until the one quilt that has about
47,000 enjoyable hours of work
in it came along!
Yep, 47,000  hours.
(no, I didn't keep track of stitching time - I'm just guessing here.
and I may have rounded up just a smidgen).

So anyway, right then and there,
I started stitching another Winter Wonderland,
this time in blue.
That will give those kiddos something to think about...
Eventually, they'll have to choose amongst themselves:
red winter or blue winter.

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