Lucy Boston

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


well, not exactly leaping yet,
after that nasty flu...
but thinking about leaping  (sure sign that I'm on the mend).

Really, today is an EXTRA day!!
It only happens once every four years, you know?
So, I do something special- just take the time OUT.

I usually pack a picnic, and depending on Leap Day weather,
Sweetie and I go picnic.  Somewhere.
The local park, the resevoir, the trail head of the local hiking path, the living room floor.
We visit with each other.
Talk about our family, dreams, plans...

So, this year, I have gathered some quilts,
my three crackers and Sweetie's ice chips
(hey-I told you it was a nasty virus-this is what we've worked up to),
And we are celebrating our extra day for this four years:
on the couch with our quilts snuggled around,
with our crackers and ice and
stale (read as no bubbles as bubbles=bad) 7UP.
No leaping around, though :)

So, what do you have planned for your extra day?

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  1. Hope you are both better soon. Happy Birthday month. An extra day to celebrate. (it's more fun to celebrate the whole month, not just one day of it).


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