Lucy Boston

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

confusing time/party time

I finished my Snowy Days -
wool on cottons and homespuns. 
Right in time for Winter...
What Winter, I say...
Old Man Winter is confused...
It's early February, and I'm here in central Ohio -
it should be snowing and blowing.
But, alas, very little snow...
well, there was a little Thunder Snow!
That was exciting.  But it didn't last. 
The next day it was back to 50 degrees.
Today, there are some snow flurries-YAY.
But tomorrow, back to rain...confusing.

Then there was the second day of February -
and the whole shadow/groundhog thing...
Sunny here all day, but
20 miles to the north,
heavy cloud cover the entire day!
Even the local Groundhog is confused...
snow/no snow/rain/freezing rain.

Well enough of this rain!
Bring on the SNOW - IT'S FEBRUARY!!! 

What I do know is that I'm ready for a party!
I hosted the neighbors for the Super Bowl viewing.
Or in some cases,
the Commercials of the Super Bowl viewing.    :)
But, that's not the party-ing that I was thinking of.

I'm thinking it's February, and
February is my birth month.

THAT calls for a PARTY, don't you think???!!!
Yep, all month long!

So, rain or snow,
shadow or no,
It's party time!
Followers, leave me a note,
(if you are not yet a follower, become one, 
just make sure I can access your email address)
tell me your birth month and
how you celebrate it (or don't celebrate it),
and I'll give away
a couple of little birthday ditties
each week of February.
(Birthday ditties= hearts, chocolate, fabric, maybe a rose or two thrown in)

Happy confusing February!


  1. Debra,
    Happy Birth-month,hope it is a great one. My birth-month is April, and my youngest daughter usually makes dinner for me. And I usually go out with my girlfriend for lunch or shopping or even sewing on a quilt project.
    Stay warm.

  2. The quilt is sew cute! My birthday month is also February! We usually celebrate by eating out. This year it was with friends at a bbq place. Yummy fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Love your little quilt. It is so sweet. I like that style and the colors. Our weather in SD has been also confusing. I am enjoying it buy we need some moisture. My birth month is March and my boys send presents. I try to make it a me day.

  4. Your birthday is the same day as my Mom's. I remember you from Always In Stitches. My birthday month is October. My husband and I usually spend the day at the Columbus zoo but this year my daughter and grandson came in and we went to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patt. Hope your birthday is grand and you enjoy your special day!

  5. Happy Birth Month, thank you for sharing with us~
    Mine is in July, and I always feel like I've celebrated if we get to see fireworks on the Fourth of July! Usually, celebrating is lunch out with the girls, and dinner with my Larry.

  6. Happy Birthday this month! Your quilt is very cute, I love snow.
    My birth month is Oct. My family makes a special dinner and dessert with everyone there. I like sharing it with family.


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