Lucy Boston

Monday, February 20, 2012

smiles & my b-day month GIVEAWAY

My iron that I use for piecing?
Well, the handle doesn't stay up...
the clip inside that made the handle stay out in "pressing mode"
no longer works --- it just magically didn't work one day.
And I've sort of gotten used to it, I guess.
Because it's a small, travel iron size,
and the whole time I'm sewing,
I leave it on the highest setting
it gets  just a little warm in the body -
right were my fingers are pressing the handle down onto the body of the iron...
OK, more than a little warm - almost hot.
But these fingers of mine -
they are used to the heat of the kitchen,
so maybe, just maybe,
 are a little de-sensitized.

So, the smile part:
I got a new iron :)
and the handle stays up!
Yep, I had already gotten used to pressing with the handle that didn't stay up!
Now, to get to work.
I want to again be used to the iron with the handle that stays up!

Little things that make me smile...

Happy Stitching!
ps. To be in my birthday month GIVEAWAY, just become a follower and leave me a comment on how you celebrate your birthday & what month it is.  (I just have to be able to email you for contact info)


  1. At least you found another iron like the one you already had. I always have to get used to a completely different iron. Thank goodness I don't go thru them very often.

  2. Happy birthday! Mine is June 16. I usually celebrate with my friend, Mary Jo and sister, Sharon. And occasionly my daughter, Tanna who lives in N.C. My sons usually stop by to say hello, with the grandkids. At my age it is pretty low-key. So sorry the flu has hit your house, I had it a week ago,YUK! Get well soon!


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