Lucy Boston

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, my goodness


I've seen recently, from blogs that I've visited,
that there is a bug going around.


I won't go into details, you are welcome...
But, my even my hair hurts.
It's so bad that
my cat hurts,
and I don't have a cat.

Now, I'm not blaming those bloggy friends that
were may have been contagious when I visited.
But 'm thinking this strain was virulent enough
to be passed via internet connections!

I'm through the worst, I think, but
I'm not doing any stitching again today,
so you know it's bad around here if
I've not had a needle and thread in hand
for a couple of days.

I waited until I was no longer contagious to do this posting,
so, here's hoping it doesn't hit your home.

OK, back to the stale 7UP for me.

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