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Saturday, February 25, 2012

visiting & chunks

Sweetie is getting really, really, really bored
as he is recovering from his foot surgery.

So I took him on a drive.
Well, I drove, he was a passenger- so I took him on a ride.
I drove North/East for twelve and a half hours.
We did stop for food, gas, and pit stops.
Not necessarily all three of those in the same stop,
which allows more stopping :) .
It was a good drive/ride. 
Especially as we got to Rhode Island
as that is where our favorite daughter lives :)

We visited for five days - she worked a couple of those afternoons and evenings, and we went with her and watched some high school sports, including Seniors nights.  Almost forgot how fun those times were!
We did a little touring in a couple of historic towns of the northeast,
tried some new-to-us restaurants,
played a couple of card/dice games (I left my "quawtaws" there :) ,
and, of course, hit a couple of quilt tomorrow, promise.

Change of subject...
Did you know that it can snow in "CHUNKS"?
Evidently it does this in Rhode Island:
This was early morning snow - that covered the ground very quickly,
as you can tell from the size of those flakes chunks.

Back to the quilt shop subject:
One of the shops I visited, a cute quilt shop in Wakefield, RI,
I added to my project list...surprise, surprise...
as I chose fabrics for my Snow Days/Crabapple Hill project (pics tomorrow, really!).

And, I stitched a little on my
How does your Garden Grow/Crabapple Hill project,
as I had the floss kit shipped to daughter's address! :)
It was a GREAT visit, and we hated to leave.

Then we I drove back home - another twelve and a half hours plus snow/white-out delays.
Sweetie will maybe make it a few more days at home before he is bored again!
Then I'll have to see what we can get into next :)

Happy Saturday!!!

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