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Sunday, July 29, 2012

meanderings, quilting therapy & chaos

Guess I haven't posted any meanderings/quilting finishes lately...
and there are reasons too numerous to mention!!
So, here goes for a couple of meanderings: 
"Path to the Civil War":
and I notice, now that I have it pictured, that it's upside down, sorry.
This was the first big quilt that Mary Lou had ever made.
She said "it's not perfect, but it's finished!"
And I'm thinking
"Looks great to me!,
mine is still in individual block stage,
so finished is finished!"

I told her that she did a wonderful job!
I also told her that this was the perfect quilt to get started on, as it has a little of every kind of piecing, so now she can do ANYTHING!!
Look out, quilting world!

Next, is Patty's...
She used a pattern (from a book, sorry, I don't know the name, but I can find out if you need it) and did her own finagling of the pattern.
The pic doesn't show,
but this is all shades of grays and pinks and just gorgeous

close up of meandering

scrappy back to match quilt top
So, looking back the last couple of months,
I have done many things besides my own quilts...
And those reasons too numerous to mention???
Well, here are a couple of handfuls of reasons,
but not all of the reasons too numerous to mention: 
  • We had a break-in/robbery which I can't share about right now, but will after the court date...the follow-up from that added to the "things to do" list
  • There were storms & clean-up of downed trees 
  • after the storm cooking as no power = freezer thawing = cook it and eat it 
  • lack of electric/cable/telephone/Internet means early to bed and early to rise, but not good for things you could be doing around the house
  • returning storms = no machine quilting or piecing as I don't want to get my machines zapped with electrical surges, of which there were many
  • family reunion
  • more cooking for the local senior group picnic
  • piecing and quilting for the LQS in prep for the Shop Spree/Hop
  • and family stuff  (includes after storm clean-up) which is FUN but doesn't help get stuff done around here :)
I love being busy, so I wouldn't change a thing. 
Well, maybe, I'd take away the first one - the robbery part!
But I'm thinking,
I might have to do a self-imposed retreat/lock-in.
My house is becoming a disaster
and my own Work In Progress list
is not dwindling.
Tomorrow I'll share my quilt "Wallflowers",
that I worked on after the robbery,
 ... that was the end of May...
and I'm telling you,
that hand-quilting is therapy!
Wallflowers is finished, and hanging in the great room.
So, I guess I do have a finish of my own
in the past couple of months of chaos!

Later, Gator!


  1. Geez, whine, whine, whine. Busy, busy, busy. Go watch the Olympics!

    Love ya!

  2. I AM, I am!! Whining, busy & watching!!. D

  3. oh my, sounds like you've been bombarded with things - including a robbery??!! I'd be more than whining! lol. Glad all is ok and you are going to get busy with stitching and WIPs! And, I'm enjoying the olympics too.


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