Lucy Boston

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the STILLness after the storm

I'm still having some troubles from that
storm that blew through a couple of weeks ago now...
Trouble, like not fully functioning cable connections -
so it startles me now when
the house phone actually makes that ringing noise!
Cable lines around here are our
phone/Internet/television connections.
So, not only am I enjoying the non-ringing of the phone,
but I'm enjoying the local PBS television station
a little more than usual,
and it's been kind of nice not having
the time-wasting stuff on-line, too!

The STILLness has started to get to me though,
as I've not been able to keep up on my bloggy friends' happenings,
and the non-cable connection means I haven't
been able to post or share any quilty news!

in the STILLness after the storm,
I've worked in the garden just a little,
but with record high temps, zero rain and now water restrictions
it's looking more than a little pathetic out there.

Since the outside gardening hasn't been going well,
I've been stitching some on my "Gardener's Alphabet"
and it's coming along great.  Slow, but great :)

I've been cooking a little more than usual
as I cooked for the local townships' Senior group Summer Picnic. 
That's always a great group of folks to cook for and to visit with. 
Seems that all 30+ of them would like to adopt me :)
and have me cook for them each month
& they always make me feel so appreciated.

This past Friday was one of those super hot days
when it was too hot to be out and about
watching the garden shrivel,
so I gathered a couple of friends and drove to
a "One Stop Shop Hop". 
If you have one of these One Stop Hops in your area,
try to hit it up, as it seems to me to be
the wave of the future for Shop Hops.
This one had 19 shops from at least three states,
all with their vending set up in one location for the weekend.
There was a nominal fee for admittance, plenty of door prizes,
and a GREAT variety of quilt related stuff: 
fabric and wool, patterns, kits, notions, demos, etc.,
anything and more you would expect at a quilt shop,
but this was like
with 19 shops all in one big room!!!

I did do a little purchasing, and will share that later
when the cable is back up and running correctly.

I'm going back to enjoying my STILLness while it lasts!

Happy middle of July to you.


  1. It is nice to have some stillness, isn't it?
    But here in TX it's too hot to hand quilt, but we did do a horse trail ride recently where we headed to some woods! Happy July to you also.

  2. Hi, Anon! It IS good to have the stillness after the storms. And we need the rain, as it seems that you do also. I'm glad that you could find some shady woods for your ride, it sound very enjoyable. Take a ride for me, won't you?


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