Lucy Boston

Monday, July 30, 2012


This is the quilt that I recently worked on...
after there was a B&E, Robbery and Grand-Theft-Auto.
But that's a story for another day...
(after the court date in mid August)
I had this quilt top layered and ready to quilt.

It was just sittin' on a shelf,
lookin' at me.  Probably thinking:
"what's up with this chick?"
"Does she ever finish anything?"

I knew there was going to be a perfect time
for this hand-quilting project!
I pulled it out and took it with me
after the B&E/R/GTA.
It immediately calmed me.
Made my mind stop whirling.
I just stitched away.
And do you know what?
Done before you know it!!!
Here's a close-up of one of the blocks:
 I paper-pieced the blocks themselves-kind of a wonky log cabin.  Then hand-appliqued (with silk thread) the wool onto the cotton block.  Machine piecing and sashing.  Then after layering the top/batting/back, I sashiko-d the blocks.  That's when the Utility Quilt Stitch came in handy.  I used Valdani #12 (in cream) to do the big-stitch around each of the wool appliques.  And besides the calming effect, I really love the look!!!!  I guess I usually do the Utility Stitch in straight lines.  But in this project, I did the Utility Stitch AROUND each petal and bloom!

So, to all of my unfinished quilt-tops
sitting back on the shelf -
I just want to say -
"This chick does occasionally finish something!"

And for those who asked about the Hasselback Potatoes:
Yes, they were great!
Wait, you wanted the recipe, didn't you?
Tomorrow!!! Promise!!!


  1. nice finish! i havn't used the utility stitch, but now that i see your quilt i just might have to give it a try. and yes i'd like the recipe for the tators.

  2. Cute quilt. I am patiently waiting for your recipe...


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