Lucy Boston

Sunday, July 22, 2012

one penny, little pieces, & a star is born

That is a penny.
See that shiny little circle on the bottom left-hand corner?
Yep, a penny!
on that little project...
and all those little pieces are
half inch finished half-square triangles.

a fat quarter each of red and black fabrics,
plus a fat eighth of tan fabric
plus 10 strips of these:
equals 120 of these little half-square triangles (not the penny!):
and in a couple of hours,
an almost 12 inch square wall hanging is done!

(Kits with patterns are available at my LQS if
you need to have
one of these little stars in your life!)

The pattern is by Primitive Gatherings...
Those little pieces are done using Thangles from the 'Mini Pack 1/2" and 3/4" packet'...
the penny is from your pocket...
Too cute!


  1. i recently saw a picture of that pattern that a friend purchased and did not realize that it was that small of a finish or that those hst were 1/2 inch! The penny in your picture really shows the scale! Good finish!

  2. You did it, yea! Looks great!

  3. Love that little quilt!!!! Turned out beautifully!!!


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