Lucy Boston

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

our local Quilt Spree/Shop Hop is here!

most of you regular readers know that
I get to work

Second, most of you probably know
that the LQS where I get to work
 is a reproduction shop -
my favorite type of shop!

Third, some of you may know
that I get to make samples and
help in the "think tank" area of the shop.

Fourth, something that you may not know,
that it's really hard to be
working on a project or three
and not be able to share
for months!!!

BUT, now it's time...
the Quilt Spree is here-
finally, I can share!!

I got to be in on
the design, construction, quilting, tying and binding 
of this Quilt Spree project
from the time those Brightly Colored Strips
arrived in the shop...
So Brightly Colored were those strips
that we all wondered WHAT we could do with them,
besides take them swimming in our coffee...
But we finally came up with the
Quilt Spree Version -
hence the name "Good Wives Gone Wild".

to calm us down just a little :)
we came up with the Good Wives reproduction version-
Don't you just love them both???

Back to work  play!


  1. I reallylike both of those quilts and wish I lived closer so I could visit the shop. 6 hours is a long day trip. thanks for the pictures so I can visit thru the Inet.

  2. I love both of the quilts,thanks for sharing.
    I have been to your LQS and you work for some very nice ladies.


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