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Monday, July 9, 2012

aprons, aprons, more aprons and wash day

Remember this stack of goodies
from my brother that likes to spend my money?
The top part of the stack was a box of aprons.
And this is what I did with my box of aprons:
I know the lighting wasn't perfect for picture taking,
but I had to share...
how cute are those curtains??
Does this remind you of wash day???

I had some old clothesline,
found a bag of old wooden clothespins,
add a couple of screw-in cup hooks, and wallah!
Cutest curtains ever!
(I was only going to hang them "seasonally",
but I like them so much that I think I will add 
muslin "linings" to them so they don't  fade as quickly.)
I decided to hang my "apron wash" 
before the paternal family reunion,
and of course it was one of those 100 plus degree days,
so I really worked up some sweat in that back sun room...
AND, some of my family thinks
I've now officially
either been affected by the heat or totally lost it,
but I'm really liking the new old clothes apronline! 
And, how's that for re-purposing?
I'm off to have another glass of iced water
and stitch a little tonight.
Hope your week is going well, too!

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