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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a little vacation time

I had a little vacation time last week...
Visited the favorite daughter and Rhode Island.
She lives and works there and loves it.
Oh, and is looking to purchase a home there.
For the record,
a twelve hour drive to visit your daughter
is way too long
What's up with
raising your children to be
strong, smart, and independent,
and then they go and follow through???!!! :)
Oh, well.  
We did have a great visit.
Last time we were there,
Sweetie was on crutches, so we couldn't do a whole lot.
This time, we walked EVERYWHERE we could!
It sure is a beautiful place.
Here's a pic of "her" beach:
Lovin' all the tumbled rocks...
By the way, she's a great cook- she made us a couple of dinners that were scrumptious.
And we ate it all, of course.  Then,
she took us to a popular bakery...
check out these donuts:

Allie's (I think in the North Kingston area)
party-sized donuts.
Check out the size compared to the cupcakes!!!

No, we did not have one of those giants,
though Sweetie was tempted :)

After daughter headed back to work,
we took off to "tour" the north east countryside
and found this place to visit in Lowell, Massachusetts:
The New England Quilt Museum!!!
I spent just a little time here...
though no pics were allowed,
I did, just maybe,
drool over a few of the antique quilts.
They also have a great library and thousands of reference books.
I could've stayed much longer than I did!
This is the back of the NEQ Museum:
Notice the quilt on the building?
Also, they were getting ready for the Lowell Quilt Festival the next weekend,
so the gals at the NEQ Museum were making pole wrap quilts
and the surrounding few block area had "quilted" light posts!  Cool, huh?
While I was drooling in the Museum,
Sweetie went to the Court House and walked around, unguided:
Three floors, double stairs, marble treads,
wooden hand-rails, cast iron banisters
Then he found this view from a third floor gallery:

the court room
and this view out back from the top of the stairs:
We closed the place out at 5 p.m.
and headed further North and West.

More to come tomorrow!


  1. I know the child growing up delima so well. sad and happy for them at the same time. That donught looks good and BIG. and the quilt poles are interesting. I would love to visit that area some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Hi Debra, Nice to read about your R & R vacation along with visiting your daughter. She did what she was told to do....she became independent. :-) Sometimes you never know what the outcome will be.

    Writing to you from Nashville, TN. I am not sure if I shared that with you prior.

    Keep posting those awesome quilts of yours....I always admire your work.

    Smiles - Valerie


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