Lucy Boston

Friday, August 3, 2012

fancy rooster tails

It is our State Fair time.
But that's not why I named this post about chickens...

I did a little meandering
aka: long-arm quilting this past Monday.
This is another of Louise's...
she's a newbie quilter. 
And in case you can't tell,
she's good.
Really good.
No chopped points,
no lumpy intersections.
No wavy borders.
she's prolific!
I think she now has
all of her immediate family wrapped in quilts.
Here's a pic of the back...
Yes, she does a pieced back that goes not only with the quilt top
but with the recipients personality and interests.

Back to the fancy rooster tails:
I have been reminded lately
that I don't take enough close-up pics
of the meandering that I do for folks,
that I just take quilt pics.
So, here's a meandering close-up for those who asked:
I call this quilting design "fancy rooster tails".
'Cause it reminds me of those tails on the fancy roosters at the fair.

You know the ones...
strutting proudly around thier blue ribbon adorned pen,
with those pretty and curly, shiny tail plumes waving behind them. 

OK, enough rooster/fair talk...
I'm off to do some more meandering!


  1. NICE!! I love rooster tails! And your quilting is great, too!!

  2. Nice job on the quilt to the maker and the quilter.


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