Lucy Boston

Thursday, August 2, 2012

another year another cake

This time last year,
I made a Barbie Cake for the grand daughter's birthday.
Ball gown Barbie Cake for a special girlie
It was a surprise and a BIG hit. 
This year, instead of a surprise,
I asked if she had a cake request
Without pause, she answered:
"Surfing Barbie".
Really?  Surfing?
Barbie Surfing?
So... I baked a big sheet cake and a little square cake.
I did some trimming and shaping,
iced and sprinkled sugar "sand".

 This is what I ended up with:
surfing Barbie cake for a special 6 year old
That's a big thumbs up from a 6 year old, don't you think?
And, then there's this little cutie -
he is a veggie connoisseur:
Don't be taking my corn!


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