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Monday, August 6, 2012

DECClub continues & a medal contender

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time spent watching the Olympics!
And, yes, I have me some "Dark Eye Circles" going for the "Club".
Sounds like I'm in the majority
when in comes to time spent glued to the television
watching our countries' athletes complete! 
And, just wanted to say a big THANKS!
Thanks for joining the club!, as I'm not the only one
sporting those dark under-eye circles from lack of sleep!!!

But, look what I've accomplished while enjoying the Olympics...
I have completely finished this quilt; it is 66" by 80":
pattern: French Country by "Spirit of '76 Designs"
It was an easy one to get done with that large piece of Jo Morton toile as the center; added some stripes and a big border. 
It really did go together sooo fast. 
I quilted it with the Sashiko machine. 
That wasn't fast, but I love the look. 
Then came the edge and binding. 
That?  Not so fast.
close up view of the quilting and border/binding of French Country
You can't tell, but the binding is a dark brown plaid,
and of course, since it's a scalloped border, done on the bias.

So, just about a week of Olympics, and I have a finish!!!
And,  in my book, it might just be considered a Medal Contender!

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  1. Nice! I vote gold. I haven't tried a scalloped border before.


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