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Friday, August 17, 2012

vaca-part three- on hand and knee

While traveling,
I always "scope out" the area
surrounding the hotel where we'll be spending the night.

I'm sure other people do that too.
You want to feel secure about where you're staying.

But, I'm not just checking the safety of the area,
I'm specifically looking for the local quilt shops!

There's nothing wrong with that, right?

So, Friday night we spent the night
right around the corner from a quilt shop.

So, Saturday a.m.,
after a late breakfast,
we headed here:
Quilter's Haven in Owego, N.Y.
I know, I know, that's not the greatest picture of the front of a shop, but that's the only one I had that the lighting was good - sorry;
(there are much better photos of the shop if you click the shop name/link).

Anyway, the shop is kind of new, as she's recently un-retired.  Yep, she decided that retirement wasn't a good thing for her at this time, so moved from Florida and found this great, historic town and building and opened her shop!
I do have a couple more pics:
from inside looking out the front of the shop
And the following pic is probably one of my all-time favorites - which I know some will find weird.
But this was a furnace register vent cover in the center of the floor in this old building.
(in the first pic if you look closely, you can see this vent cover half way back the store)
cast iron register
I didn't get down on hands and knees
(but close- just hand and knee:)
to measure, but it was about 36 inches across!
It may have to become a design for quilting, don't you think?

Anyway, it was a really cute shop
and I was glad I had "scoped out" the area the night before.

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  1. I scoped out the antique malls and thrift stores on the way home from dropping off my youngest at college (735 miles from home). I took 2 days to drive home, having fun stopping at places.


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