Lucy Boston

Friday, August 24, 2012

AAAAKKKK! & Shelburne Museum/vaca part 5

My computer has a virus!!!

My computer geek is on vacation!
Out of the country vacation!!!

So, real quick...
This was going to be a post about
part five of vacation:
The Shelburne Museum...
which could be the best place on earth.
Well, at least as good as Disney!!

I have SOOOO much to share about Shelburne!
But with this whole
virus thingy/computer geek/vacation going on
is really crampin' my style and
all I have picture-wise is a picture of
the couple of books I got while I was there.
And I'm really excited about those,
but there is just SO MUCH else!
Oh well, another day, another post, Huh?

Happy Stitching!
Hope your week was great
and your weekend is even greater!


  1. Oh no, not computer problems! I hate it when that happens. I've always wanted to visit that museum and have many good things about it. Can't wait until you can share more.

    1. Hi, Brenda! Yep, computer still having problems... and I do have many more pics to share. I need to get a new computer up and going to make it easier though. Thanks for checking in and I'll share when I can :)


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