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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I still have issues aka: vacation pt.2

After a very nice week plus of vacation
I found all of this in the back of my vehicle:

Yep, that's my haul from vacation.
Top to bottom, left to right:
Row 1:  a couple of out of print magazines, a Blue Hill/Sara Morgan fabric, some fruit/canning jar fabric, a chunk of fleece for a friend, and a fat quarter stack of the original French General
Row 2:  a Hoopla pattern/Monroe quilt, some older Rothermel fabrics, and a chunk for an eye spy.
Row 3:  Tidings of Great Joy and Peanuts Christmas, both by Quilting Treasures.

And there's more, but that's enough textile overload for today...

See? I have issues.

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  1. there are much worse issues to have! I don't think that's too bad of accumulation for a week though.


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