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Friday, October 10, 2014

9-patch swap blocks are here!

A great, squishy package arrived in my mail box,
and I couldn't imagine what it was...

I didn't remember ordering anything...
I did a double-take - 
it looked like it was addressed in my hand-writing.
Then it struck me - my blocks from the 9-patch swap!!! 
They arrived!!!
I had almost put them out of my mind, so it was a nice surprise! 
 50 pairs  - all 100 little, three-inch (finished) blocks!!
Thank you to all the bloggy friends 
from across the nation and around the world 
that made these wonderful little nine-patches!
They are all gorgeous!
All different fabrics and colors - 
I don't think that there are fabric repeats in any of them! 
Also, I don't have many of the fabrics from which they were made!

Also a BIG thank you to Barb (of Fun with Barb blog)  
for coordinating and doing all the swap work!  

So now to decide what to do with them.

Too many ideas! 
And, not enough time, as usual.
I have a baby quilt to get finished -
which I'm delivering Sunday at the family gathering...
Hopefully sometime this weekend I'll be able to get to play with them.
Happy Weekend to you.
Hope you are getting time to play with your fabrics!

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