Lucy Boston

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lucy Boston

I'm continuing my Lucy, Patchwork of the Crosses journey, 
slowly drawing to the end of this great quilt project. 
Connecting blocks into rows, 
and the rows into a quilt top.  

I've found that I'm not happy with 
the remaining blocks that I already have made.
Rather, the predominant color in the blocks.
It seems that I have a lot of red and pink blocks left.

So instead of putting these reds/pinks all in an outside row together, I'm making a few new blocks (there's NOT a fabric shortage around here or anything:).
Here is one of the replacement POTC blocks
that I don't think I've shared before:
Lucy Boston POTC fabrics - Almost to the end!
And the fabrics from which it was made:
Lucy Boston POTC fabrics
Sorry that I don't have any selvage info on the top two pieces, but the bottom floral/medallion fabric is from the Cocheco Mills IV collection.

I think I'd be ready to start the quilting process
if I'd just stop making more blocks!!! :)

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!

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  1. Did you wait to put your blocks together after they were finished or did you start putting them together after you finished a certain amount. I read that this is what another lady did. I dont have enough variety in my fabrics yet to start piecing them into strips.


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