Lucy Boston

Sunday, October 12, 2014

my I Spy quilty gift

This is the quilt that I made for the newest great-nephew:
My version of I/Eye Spy,
using the 16-patch and X blocks.
loopy quilting and crayons for the backing
I didn't happen to have a yard and half of setting fabric that I thought went well with all of that scrappy/eye spy/busyness, so had to get some fabric from a friend (Thanks, Janet, for coming to my rescue!!).  She had some on hand that wasn't as white as what I had in my stash... (remember, this quilt was being gifted to a family that lives very rurally and has well-water.  And in some places in Ohio, that means high iron content, so orange sediment and orange coloring on everything!, even with a water softener SO NO WHITES in the quilt).

It finished at 48" square, and had more than 48 different fabrics for I/Eye Spy entertainment... bugs, houses, corn, candy, birds, letters, sports balls and equipment, mice in string cheese, spiders, lizards, and the list goes on and on.

Well, it entertained me as I was making it, 
so I'm hoping it will entertain the little guy for many years to come.
Truth? I'm still enjoying it, just looking back at the pictures!
I'll probably will do this layout again.
It may even be my new go-to for baby quilt gifting, I like it that much!


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