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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a nice surprise and friends that surprise

Are you the same as me, 
in that you have a good friend that you've never, ever met in person?

Remember (waaaay) back in school when we had pen pals.
Write a letter in your best handwriting, seal it into an airmail envelope, stick an airmail stamp on it, and mail it off.  And then wait for WEEKS and WEEKS to get a response back.  We did grow a friendship that way. Continents apart and correspondence only a handful of times a year, and a good friendship was born.

Today, in this century, electronic mail is the norm, 
and I'm still making friends by correspondence.
Albeit with a handful of correspondences an hour, not just during a year.

I met a new friend when I joined an online Prim Quilts group, as she became the group moderator.  We've shared pics of our quilts, projects, our homes and our lives.  Being hundreds of miles apart, we've never met in person, but through this correspondence we've become friends.  
I mentioned on this friends' quilt-in-works picture that she shared that I had the same project on my list of "someday quilts", and that I had once had the pattern, but had lent it out or given it away, but I still really liked it.  She offered me the pattern after she was finished.  Of course I said yes, that would be great.

A few months later,  
she asked if I'd like the whole, unfinished project...
that she was just over it.  Done. 
My question was, are you sure?  
Too many hours invested, fabric invested, 
cutting blisters and needle-pricks were involved.  
She said YES - she was sure - just finished.

Well, fast forward a few weeks, 
and this Humongous envelope arrives in my mail box!!!
(: My Sweetie, of course, thinks I've ordered another whole fabric line. :)
I excitedly open the package and, OH, what a surprise!!
I had forgotten the size of the blocks and quilt itself from my long-ago wish list.

Look at these blocks!!! and there is border fabric AND extra fabric!!
The remaining applique pieces are cut out, ready to needle-turn!!

Gorgeous fabric choices and excellent needlework!
I LOVE IT!!!  I love it all!!!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being in my life!
And thank you for such a generous gift, Karen!

I don't promise it will be finished any faster here than it would have been there, but I do and will treasure it! 
(And another smile for the day:
you should have seen my Sweetie's face when he saw me open a package of another unfinished quilt - hilarious!)

Happy Stitching to you!  

PS. I have been told before that I collect UFOs.  
True.  So true. :)


  1. I had several pen pals over the years. A couple I met in person. A wonderful experience in being able to share thoughts and sometimes little gift packages. The internet has put a new spin on things. Faster communication and lots of eye candy. The rewards are great in making friends through our quilt blogs.

  2. WOW! That would be hard for me to give away, but I know you Debra and you will cherish it.

  3. Quilty friends are the best :) And they are so generous :)


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