Lucy Boston

Monday, October 20, 2014

culling the herd

I thought of this today as I was in the sewing room...
an oldie that still makes me chuckle:
A city lady and her traveling companion 
were riding the train through the countryside 
when she noticed some sheep. 
"What a nice bunch of sheep!" she remarked. 
"Not a bunch, herd", her friend replied.
"Heard of what?"
"Herd of sheep."
"Of course I've heard of sheep." 
"No, a sheep herd." 
"What do I care what a sheep heard. 
           I have no secrets to keep from a sheep!"
Hee hee.
So back to the culling of the herd -
Culling the herd is a farm girl reference
to thinning the number of the animals in a herd.
Or in the case of this quilting, farm gal - 
culling my Wooly Stash Animal.
aka:  'downsizing of the wool stash' ,
to help make my sewing room easier to access.

All of this started when I saw that a friend 
posted on facebook that she was looking for a place to find 
wool scraps.
I have wool scraps.  
 Bushels (yes plural) of wooly scraps.

Though this friend lives in another country,
I decided that I could surely help her out. 
I piled, cut, folded, 
squished, packed, and shipped.
Boy do I feel better.  
I've culled the wooly herd! 

(I know she reads my blog, but I'm sure she'll love this when it arrives in a few weeks time.)


  1. Can you see me jumping up and down in a happy dance now:) Thank you thank you dear friend. Love the sheep heard joke.

  2. Now it worked. I can comment on your blog again! Even more happy dancing now.

  3. How very generous and kind of you to help a fellow crafter who lives so far away. So many lovely scraps and yarn . I saw everything on May's blog. Many angel hugs to you.


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