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Monday, October 27, 2014

royal friends and scrap built houses

You meet the best people through quilting, I think.
And those friends get you into THE best quilt-y projects!

First up: Royal Friends
Last Autumn, at retreat in Shipshawana, Indiana, 
a friend and I were going to a quilt shop (imagine that:) .
We offered a ride to a couple of other quilters (they are from out of the country).
Little did we know that those out of country quilters were royalty.
After fabric shopping, they acquired their royal headdresses!

Here is a picture of the new friends in the back seat,
riding like the royalty they are - 
the Norwegian Queens in their crowns:
 I was riding up front (as co-pilot) with our driver:
(She is even wearing her driving goggles and cabbie hat!)
And, our royal bounty for the day:

Secondly: Scrap Built Houses
So what do I see online recently?
Those very same royal friends 
shared pictures of their foundation-pieced, 
three-inch houses!!!

I never knew that royalty could be such troublemakers!!
             That's my way of saying that I let my arm be twisted.  Again.
OK, full confession here - there was really no arm-twisting involved. :)
The royal plan is to bring a finished quilt top of little houses 
to the 2015 Shipshewana fall retreat.  

We have a year, and I'm full in - 
Building Little Shipshewana houses!!

I'll soon have more to share on my little, scrap built houses,
because I'm starting my construction this week!

See?  That's the kind of stuff that quilting friends 
(even royal, quilt-y friends) get you into!
Stash building AND house building!!!!


  1. You gave me a good laugh now :) We had such a wonderful day and I am so happy I got two new good friends. I have been sewing TinyShipshewana houses all weekend and it is so fun.

  2. Since I was driving all the Miss Daisies I should get a professional chauffer's cap. Loved the company and loved that day. One more year girls!!!!


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