Lucy Boston

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

signing your work

I love making gift quilts...
especially if they are for babies.
But I'm sometimes, OK, always bad 
at labeling the quilts that I make to gift.

Because most of the time I'm binding them on the drive to deliver them, it seems that I don't have time to get a label on them.

Here are the quilts for the new great-nephew and great-niece that I delivered this past weekend:
To remedy this labeling downfall on my part
(because I know that I'm bad at labeling),  
I instead quilt in the pertinent baby info...
baby's name and birth date, my name, county and state.
Here are examples:
the gift for Ben
and the gift for Lucy:
Finally, here's my example of how I quilt in my info with my name, relationship, and my info:
It's all done free-hand, usually with the same thread color that I've been quilting with, so it doesn't stand out  (I do usually use a blue/water-out marking pen so I can make sure I get my spacing correct before stitching).  
Most gift recipients don't know that I do this, so at some point, many calendar pages past the birth date , some catch it and are surprised.  My family members know that I do this, so always look for it.  Which is good - checking to make sure I've stitched in the correct info! :)

Do you label your quilts - gift or kept??
And what method do you use?? 
I'm looking forward to hear your secrets to getting your quilts labeled.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I do label my quilts. For me, it's fun to put that final touch onto the backs. I enjoy making labels so much, my local quilty friends often bring their scraps to me so I can make their's, too!! I just love how you remedied your dilemma with quilt labels. Very clever and very unique!! Fun for the recipient, too, when they discover what you've done!!

  2. I'm bad at labeling my quilts, too. I'm working on a signature quilt for my family reunion. I'm trying to come up with a creative way to list some 'family info' along with who made the quilt and when. I may just add it to a signature block. I did embroider my son's name on his graduation quilt, and quilted thru the label (center of the back of the quilt) since those quilts tend to get stolen at college. He points out his name to everyone he shows the quilt to. He loves that it is 'HIS'.


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