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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is it still February?

Though the weatherman is again saying
that a February-like snow will be blowing in,
and I'm still celebrating my February birthday,
it IS mid-March - almost time to ring in Spring!!!

Yes, I know I'm pushing it - 
still celebrating my late February birthday,
but!, :)  
my excuse this time, is that I still have
birthday gifted money, hot in my pocket purse,
so technically, it's still birthday spending. :)

Last weekend, (in belated celebration), a friend and I 
drove north towards an Amish area of Ohio
and visited a few fabric shops, 
a couple of cheese houses, and
an antique shop (: which I'll share in another post-as it deserves it's own share! :).

So, sharing of the shops visited:

At the first quilt shop I purchased not a thread of fabric...
what's up with that?

The next quilt shop stop I didn't get too much -
just some C.W. reproductions for a pattern I had 
and, as always, more greens
(I love repro greens) :
Warning: Library-head-turn needed, 
don't know why blogger won't play nicely -
Can you see that great pattern at the bottom left?  
Strawberries!!!, therefore, pinks, reds, and greens.

If you are a regular reader, you'll recall that I have FIVE baby-quilts to make between now and August, so the coming little girlies will be getting some of this pink incorporated into their quilts (maybe even get a strawberry quilt).
The blue fabric (top) is for a maybe border for my Flags of the American Revolution quilt,
and, the last fabric piece, below, a cute, pastel fabric:
Isn't it adorable?  Maybe as big blocks offset with nine-patches?  While standing at the cutting counter, that was my thought.  We'll see if it comes to fruition. :)

As I l look at that pictured stack of fabrics, it looks like I went Birthday$$Wild!
But I didn't feel that I went fabric crazy, as I was purposefully shopping for the upcoming baby quilts.

Then, there was cheese shopping.
Lots and lots of cheese shopping.
Maybe I did go a little crazy here:
The unmarked package on top is a yogurt cheese slices, garlic and herb. Yum.
I may have eaten some of the cheese evidence.
I also may have an addiction to cheese. 
And looking at the cheese varieties I got, I may also have bad breath. :)

Happy Thursday!
and I'll be back soon with my
Antique shop find!!!

PS - I just had a text that the first of the expected babies has arrived!!!
- a little girl, so time for me to start cutting into those pink fabrics!


  1. looks like a fun day. that is a lot of chese, lol
    Wee - pink quilts are so fun to make

  2. I have seen a quilt made from the strawberry pattern. Nice fabric choices for making it.


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