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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

signs of almost Spring...

"It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

That may be my favorite quote ever,  
and that's exactly how it feels outside this week -
a sign that Spring is surely around the corner!
So, other signs that Spring is around the corner?

  • when the decor changes from snowmen to bunnies and flowers! :)  I love this string quilt of some of my favorite, Civil War reproduction fabrics.  For those wondering, I used a half-width of muslin for my foundation-piecing of the string-work, so each of the four blocks started at about 22 inches square, then were trimmed and made into a four patch; I quilted it in uneven, concentric squares.
  • a sure sign of the coming Spring is when the snow melts off the back deck and my poinsettia 'blooms':
After years of trying, I still don't have the 'put the plant in the closet' timing down, and my plant always blooms for Spring.  :)
  • Grand-kiddos still want to sled, but there's no snow left:
 so the sleds come indoors. :)
  •  I've sent off my Spring-y small-quilt for the swap:
 and liked it so well that I know that I'd like to make one just like it for myself! :)
  • it's too muddy to go out to the barn without your boots, and the remedy is a wheelbarrow ride:
Spring fun!!!!! Don't you love the smiles? And the blue/white ticking cloth they found to line the barrow? :)
Hope you're getting signs of Spring, too!


  1. I love that quote as well. And I LOVE your string quilt. There is something so satisfying about putting random strings together. I have to stop reading posts on my lunch hour. It just makes me want to go home and stitch! Cuties on the sleds too!

  2. You wrapped your swap quilt fancy!


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