Lucy Boston

Monday, March 23, 2015

my Ides of March quilt

I wasn't going to share this:
but it is what it is around here.

The Ides of March has come and gone,
and my 'Great Idea' of having my own Irish Quilt in 2015
just didn't happen.
I'm pretty sure that just strips of fabrics,
lots and lots of strips,
don't qualify as a real quilt.  Right?? :)

What started the whole thing was 
a stack of shamrock-y fabrics that became this:
My Irish Lass quilt
which I made a year ago
for my daughter-in- law love.
I loved it so much, had enough fabric left
and cut all the strips right then!

But a year has passed, and my quilt is not a quilt, 
but still just strips.

Maybe next year.
Yep, that's the plan.
The Ides will arrive next year -
calendar-wise and hopefully, quilt-wise, too! 

Do you have similar Best Of Plans,
or is it just me with piles of pre-cut fabrics
for quilts in the mind? :)


  1. Oh my goodness, yes! Especially when I have already made one like the one waiting. I have two small green quilts that can count for St. Patrick's Day and that is it.

  2. Thank you! Now I feel better for not posting the wedding quilt progress (or rather lack thereof). Next year works for me!

  3. We all have hopes and wishes. Sometime life just makes its own decision. But, it can still be a quilt for 2016.

  4. I have a Valentine quilt like that. The top has been together for a couple of years. This year I bought the backing so maybe I'll get it quilted by next year. I love the green quilt you are planning.

  5. funny you should ask...I wrote about a 6 year old UFO that I've given up, lol.
    Daughter-in-Love - I love that -
    You'll make it next year and it will be great


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