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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ready or not... FLAGS (UFQ)!!

Here it is!!!!
It's time to share the 
Flags of the American Revolution finish...
Keyword?  Finish. 
(insert my maniacal laughing here.)  
I admit, I'm not ready to share
because it's not a finish,
as I have an UFQ (UnFinished Quilt)!!
This sew-along was with Lori of Humble Quilts 
(click here to see others' great work)  
and it's always motivating to me 
to sew along with others doing the same project
(thank you, Lori).

My center medallion - all quilted!

Yet, whenever I sign up for a sew-along,
I always think to myself - 

OR, more realistically,
'start a quilt to add to the UNFINISHED quilt stack?
(: again - laughing hysterically here :)

My chosen method of doing this quilt
was to attack it in the Civil War finishing method 
of Hot Pad (or Pot Holder) blocks.
[The Hot Pad method (more pictures & info here) is where each block is completely finished individually, then whip-stitched together to create a quilt.  I used the knife-edged method for each flag, choosing a backing for each block - layering right-sides together with batting, sewing around the outside seam, leaving a turning hole, then turning, pressing, closing the opening and quilting.]
Flags of the American Revolution - blocks quilted and pinned together
Blocks pieced and appliqued?     Check.
Blocks quilted? 
Check.  Well, except for my signature block (bottom right corner, above).
Blocks pinned together, ready for whip-stitching?  
Again, check - except for the not yet quilted siggy block.
Do I love it??  
Check, Check, Check!!

I just need another month,
not another partially finished quilt!  lol 
But I suppose I am further ahead than some folks in this sew along, 
as I don't just have a quilt top,
but a bunch of quilted hot pad blocks.  
Any way you look at it, 
it's another UnFinished Quilt for the stack. lol

Here is the back of my quilt, showing the fabrics I chose for each block back:
Block backs, pinned together, awaiting whip-stitching.
And the eagle medallion with a corner of the block's back fabric showing:
A few more pictures:
Marking quilting lines with my Hera marker.
Close-up of quilting- bottom, right corner; and marked lines- top, left corner.
Quilting on eagle medallion.
Quilted star and star buttons.
Another close-up of quilting.
I finally found blue star beads for this flag.
More quilting close-ups.
After I get all the blocks whip-stitched together, I think I will add a border and binding...give me another few months for that! :)

So, though it's not completely finished (and I have another UFQ), 
I do love it, and it was a fun to work along with others from around the world
doing the same quilt at the same time!

Please, if you have a few minutes, do go visit the others who did this quilt.  There is some great talent to see out in the quilting world.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have questions about my Hot Pad finishing method, please leave me a comment and I'll try to explain further.
Happy Stitching!


  1. It turned out wonderful (or is it wonderfully?) I love the method you used and look forward to seeing it whip-stitched together. The colors are great, the quilting adds more dimension, and you've given me a lot of ideas for future quilt tops. Good Job!

  2. I think you are pretty far along since your quilt will be done when the blocks go together. Mine is waiting for backing to arrive. I gave consideration to trying the method you are using for quilting and finishing the blocks. I decided I should try it on a smaller project first.

  3. Very nice and I love seeing the quilting you did! Nice job! My goal is completely finished by the end of this year. :)

  4. I would like to know more about your method of completing the quilt, please. Would you consider doing a
    "Tutorial" for us?

  5. Magnificent! I'm so excited to see that you are enjoying the potholder method. I LOVE the back of it too! Are you going to hand whip them together or zigzag with the machine? You quilt so fast! Do you use a hoop? Love it!!!

  6. I have never tried this method but your quilt is turning out just beautiful. I really like all the hand quilting you have done.

  7. We're supposed to FINISH our quilts???? Oh NO! Yours is very nice! Congrats on the finish!

  8. looks great and what a fun way to do it

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you for the layout template Debra, printed with no margins it is dead on 1" I deleted my request post so my email wouldn't be hanging out there in the wind :) thanks again Sharyn

  10. I am more and more intrigued by this potholder method! It's great to see your quilting. Your backing is so interesting too!


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