Lucy Boston

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the sweetest little quilt arrived

There is folklore that Spring has arrived 
three snows after the forsythia blooms. 
Well, the forsythia hasn't bloomed here in central Ohio yet, but I say Spring HAS ARRIVED!

Here's the reason why:
I shared last week or so about joining in 
a Spring mini-quilt swap with an online group that I'm in.
I also shared about all my fun in making the little 'Spring Argyle' quilt that I sent off...
Well, I can barely contain myself, 
because THIS:
came in the mail yesterday!!!
All the way from Deb in Toronto, Canada!
Deb named it "Spring Bulbs".  Isn't that so perfect?!
I love the colors & fabrics & it's a BASKET block!, which I also love.
I so love the pinks, 
and that she hand-quilted little butterflies in the corners,
and she also put hanging-corner-pockets on the back!
Can you tell that I like it? A lot?

And if that's not enough quilty-love (and exclamation points),
Deb was so sweet to send a little something extra:
Can you see the quilted butterflies
to the left of the mini charm pack?
I don't know how she knew that I loved that Lexington line... maybe I've shared that also? :)

A great big thank you, Deb, for your very beautiful, kind and generous gift.
This swap was SO MUCH FUN!, and a big Thanks goes out to Karen for facilitating!

So, have you participated in swaps of finished items before?
I was leery of joining in because of my time constraints, but it worked out well.
And such Spring beauty arrived at my door!

Happy Tuesday!
I may go looking for some forsythia to force into bloom 
to sit beside my new little quilt. :)


  1. Oh Deb you are just too fun!! I felt this way when I got Karen`s treasures. Swaps are wonderful! and I am so glad you joined in you were my perfect Quilty friend. Lets see what you come up with on the Lexy`s

  2. It is a lovely little quilt and you certainly are lucky to have found a good swap mate. Almost as lucky as I was to receive the most fantastic postcard in the mail yesterday. Can't thank you enough and I will be posting it on my Blog as soon as I take a photo. You are a treasure! Happy Spring.


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