Lucy Boston

Monday, May 11, 2015

A little late to the party, it seems

I pre-ordered (in mid February)
the book Farm Girl Vintage when I saw a preview.
The author, Lori Holt (Bee In My Bonnet blog),
shared that she would have a sew-along the beginning of May.
I knew right then that I wanted to join in!
(I work better with the accountability of a sew-along - 
that's my story and I'm sticking with it :)

In early April, my order said 'allocated', 
but didn't ship for some reason. 
Had to await the next incoming stock arrival 
so it could be re-allocated, then shipped to me.  
A glitch in the system, I was told.  
(To be clear, it wasn't the author's fault, but my supplier.) 
But, all that means is that 
I wanted to start the sew-along on May 1st -  
but without the book, I'm BEHIND.
Behind, and I haven't even begun!!  :)

Now that the book is finally here, and I've drooled all over it,
I've decided it was worth the wait!
I love that it has 45 block patterns!, all so adorable,
and each comes in two sizes
so you can choose which size you want to do... 
or just do them all!  
I love how the book is already spiral bound,
AND there's also a cover that folds over the spiral binding 
(so it doesn't get stuck on other books on the shelf).

Now that I do have my book, 
I'll start pulling some fabrics this week
and maybe try to get caught up with the sew-along.
Decisions, decisions.
So many block patterns, so many quilts, too many CUTE options.

There is no pressure, of course; 
as Lori Holt says:
"You are the boss of your own quilt." 

 Are any of you folks going to join in the Sew-Along?


  1. This book is on my "going-to-buy-one-day" list. It looks so fun and with so many possibilities :) Happy Sew-along :)

  2. The book construction is how I would like all quilt books to be. So much easier to work with. Put the pedal to the metal and you will be caught up in no time.

  3. Well, if the cover is any indication of what's inside, I'll bet you'll want to make all of them! I'm sure you'll catch up quickly. Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  4. I have the book but I haven't started yet. I'm stuck on fabric selection. It looks so cute in 1940 type fabrics yet I don't want to make another quilt from that period. Stuck in the mire, I am.


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