Lucy Boston

Sunday, May 17, 2015

meanderings in May

I was mind-meandering recently,
you know, thinking...
(and you know the trouble that THAT can cause),
about the enjoyable gardening and the yard work calling me.
I think it's nice to have my gardening done
before the end of May...
Memorial Day, which will soon be here.

A quick glance at the calendar, 
and Oh, my!, it is even sooner than I thought.  
I always associate the END of the month of May - 
near the 31st, as the holiday weekend.
But not this year!!! 
The last Monday in May falls on the 25!!!
And here I was planning around the idea 
that I had another week in there.

Garden prep, 
flower bed and water garden clean-up, 
not just outdoor house maintenance, but indoors, too...
all of those things that seem to take a little more time each year.
Or maybe it's not that they take a little more time,
but just a little more energy? :)

Anyway, I've prepped some of my outdoor gardens -
the strawberry beds look a little sad, and
they may need some revamping this year.
Then the rain came back to visit, so I came indoors to work...

I also have an indoor strawberry garden
that is coming right along!
I meandered a little differently on each strawberry (inspired by the fabrics).
Such a nice indoor strawberry garden, I think!!
Just one more side of binding to hand-stitch.

I hope your week is starting out well...
with pleasant, meandering/thinking time,
indoors or out.


  1. Your indoor strawberries looks great :-)

  2. Meant to say - Good Luck With Your Gardening - too :-)

  3. Honestly, those strawberries look good enough to eat. I'm not much of a gardener, but I love reaping the benefits of other's work. Hope you get lots of time in both strawberry patches today.

  4. Interesting how you have quilted different designs within your strawberries. You will have a finished quilt soon!


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