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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

it was one of those days...

I didn't sleep well the night before is all I can say.

The past week, I've been sneaking in quilt block piecing
whenever I have a few moments.
Yesterday I laid out the finished blocks for the NEXT baby quilt
(the one for the baby that's already here and now I'm late).
I was a block short!
See the bottom right corner?
Don't know how I miscounted that.

So I went back and pieced another block - a 16-patch:
Cut, sewn, pressed and Wait... wrong block!
I needed an X-block, not another 16-patch!!

Back to the cutting mat.
Again cut, sewn, pressed,
laid it out, and ta-da!
Holy, moley!  Wrong AGAIN!
Not an "X" like I needed, but misplaced patches formed into an "O" block.
Time for some un-sewing.
I turned off my machine and and unplugged the iron, and
I'm saving it for another day.
After I have a little more sleep.

I am so glad I wasn't working on the little quilt for the swap I've signed up for!
Thank goodness it only happens occasionally!

Am I the only one that does this?

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  1. Too funny! When I first saw the 16 patch, I said hmmm, I thought she needed the x-block (I must have had enough sleep last night), but I didn't notice you had stitched the x-block wrong so maybe I should go back to bed too! What a great baby quilt!


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