Lucy Boston

Thursday, May 28, 2015

making memories

For the last nine days,
I've not been doing much of this:
Or much of anything else, for that matter.
I apologize if you are my Swap Partner 
in Lori's Humble Quilts doll quilt swap, 
I promise, it's coming.  Soon.

I HAVE been doing a whole lot of this:
one year old orneriness
and this:
three year old orneriness
We've had help doing this
opening the pool
and this:
making strawberry-rhubarb pie
planting tomatoes in the backdoor garden bed
 And I'd forgotten about the middle-of-the-night awake times.

I now know why the good Lord gives babies to the younger folks. lol
I'm not complaining, it's been fun making memories.
But I think I need a nap.  Then another one.
And I just may be counting down the remaining two nights. 

Sweet rewards?
When the three year old randomly says unprompted things like:
"It's SO fun to have sleep overs."

Happy Thursday!
Here's hoping you are have as much fun as I am. :)


  1. Oh my yes! The sleepless nights of grandparenting! I know you feel fortunate to be able to do this for your children, but sometimes at 3:30 in the morning we forget about the great moments! So glad you had this special "sleepover" time and I'm sure your doll quilt swap partner will totally understand any delays! Have a great day.


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