Lucy Boston

Monday, May 18, 2015

Not many vices...

unless you count fabric.
And QUILTmania magazine.

When my local, big-box book store stopped carrying 
the QUILTmania magazine, about a year ago,
I decided that I really didn't need it.  

But, after I missed that next issue, I realized that 
yes, yes I DID miss it.
And since I don't drink, smoke, salon mani/pedi, gamble, 
professionally shop, restaurant graze regularly/frequently, 
or carry out any other form of pernicious conduct,
I decided that one magazine every other month 
will be my vice of not many.

I now order QUILTmania from a shop 
that also just so happens to carry reproduction fabrics.
So, it's a given that I HAD to ask them 
to auto-ship the magazine - with padding.
Padding of four, quarter-yard pieces of Civil War repro fabric.
(updated to add the shop name- sorry, I thought I'd put it in at the start)
I asked the gals at the Homestead Hearth shop to choose 
four newer fabrics to pad the envelope
and this is what came this month!!  
A great selection of 'padding' and issue 107!

To make this month's packager even better, 
(I flip through the pictures first and go back to read secondly),
I flip to this:
My friend, Wendy's - No Bake Applique!
She took second place at the Road To California Quilt Show,
in the Traditional, Large, Applique category!!!
Don't you love the play on words in the title 
in reference to the Hot Pad/cooking theme?

Congratulations, Wendy!!! 
It is just gorgeous!  
I love that your quilt won!,
and in the traditional applique category!

You can see Wendy's great blog,
here: The Constant Quilter.
(: Tell her Debra from Ohio said Hello :)

And though I live in central Ohio and
Wendy is in Maine and we've never met in person (- yet),
I am sure that Wendy and I are of the same
 quilting family tree
as we both love quilting:
the tradition, methods and sharing the Hot Pad/Pot Holder
method of making quilts.

My not-many-vices may have to have an addition...
besides the fabric-padded-every-other-month magazine order,
I may have to add the vice of more travel...
as someday, I will eventually travel to meet in person,
my quilting-sister, Wendy.
And see all of her Hot Pad quilts.


  1. If a person has to have a vice, I'd say yours are just about perfect.:)

  2. I recently found a quilt pattern that I love-it's from a special issue of Quiltmania....are you able to share your source, please? Postage to the states is as high as the cost of the magazine...I am also in central Ohio! 😊

  3. And what a vice to have! Thanks for the preview of my quilt. I can't wait to pick up my issue at Cyndi's. I couldn't agree more about our kinship and I look forward to meeting you in the "flesh" soon!! BTW I love the Judie Rothermel packing. Wish all my packages came wrapped in wonderful fabrics!

  4. Quiltmania's quality of pictures is what impresses me about the magazine.


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