Lucy Boston

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

Another May day already!

Time to find some unsuspecting folks 
and drop off some little flower bouquets on their doorsteps!
I have lots of daffodils and grape hyacinth right now
so I'll share those. 
Does anyone else leave May Day baskets anymore?

Also, I've seen the first arrivals of the hummingbirds back in my garden!
That's always exciting to me
catching them flitting around the flowers and shrubs.

This week, I've been working on another UFQ,
stitching together some little, seven inch pot-holder blocks
that I've had finished for a year or more.
(I'm afraid to check to see how long they've really been a work in progress!)
Thinking more on it, I know I started making them 
as take-along samples when I was teaching at
the local reproduction fabric shop... 
so I guess it's probably more like they are two year old UFQ's.
Anyway, after finishing the bindings, 
can you see (above) that I have them safety-pinned into place
and readied for whip-stitching together?
I have a couple of groups of them stitched together and they are table topper sized.
I may, though, stitch the small table-toppers into one bigger quilt.  
Haven't decided yet.

I have my day dedicated to finishing a little boy's quilt 
for a baby shower this weekend...
I'm using my new favorite go-to pattern: 
X-blocks with 16-patch blocks,
(also known as Good Night Irene...)
as it makes a good Eye Spy, I think.
Which is great for little kids.
And great for using more stash & scraps!

I'm off to stitch;
Hope your weekend is wonderful, and
that you, too, can do a little stitching.
Or playing in the garden flowers!


  1. happy May Day - and it is 5-1-15 a palindrome!
    can't wait to see your zig zag quilt

  2. I am so happy to hear that you too celebrate May Day. It is a lost holiday. I grew up in the country with very few neighbors, but we always made the trek up the road to surprise someone with a May Basket. My children grew up on the street we still live on and we always celebrated by making May Baskets for unsuspecting friends. Keep up the wonderful tradition! And I love your potholder blocks! Maybe between the two of we can encourage others to give this method a try!

  3. I don't know anyone who ever did anything for May 1st. A lovely custom for you to do some May Baskets.


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