Lucy Boston

Thursday, May 7, 2015

skip Spring, jump to Summer

Is is just me, or did we again skip Spring?
If I recall correctly,
the weather (here, in Ohio at least) was like this last year, also.
The sweet smell of  warm, Spring showers,
and gentle breezes changed almost overnight
to Blazing with a capital B-hot, humid, June Bugs-buzzin' May.

I am NOT turning my air conditioning on 
one week after the furnace last ran!

So, more important, quilty things:
I've quilted a little this past week...
First, I did a customer quilt that I can't share yet, 
because I haven't met up with the customer to make delivery.

Second, I did get one of my (five needed) baby quilts 
done except for quilting in the name and birth date.

I was able to gift it at the baby shower!,
then I brought it back home with me to await the baby's birth info.
Looking at the pictures, I see that I also need to do the binding. :)
Can you see the un-quilted area in the bottom, center, above?
That's where I plan to stitch in the baby's birth date and name.

As you can tell, I again went with my 
new favorite go-to pattern- 
16-patch/X-block layout (aka Good Night Irene).
(I love this pattern for it's scrappy-ness and ease of piecing... 
I think it makes GREAT Eye Spy quilts.)

Also, don't know if you can tell, but the
setting fabric that I used this time is different (to me),
it's a 'Grunge' fabric...
white with a patchy, subtle overlay of blue and green 
that is almost dry-brushed looking areas of color.
I've not used this fabric before, but would definitely use it again.

So, looking back, it doesn't seem like much accomplished for 
a week, but, I've also stitched on my Gardener's Alphabet blocks,
and have only 11 more letters of the alphabet to do.  Hoping it
will be off the UFQ list soon!

Hope your week was grand, also! 
with or without the furnace or air-conditioning.


  1. We heard from our Ohio friends just last evening. It was mentioned how summer just jumped in sort of skipping spring. They turned on their air-conditioning and are getting ready to fill their above ground pool with water.

  2. I don't want the humidity, but you can send a little of that warmth our way. Actually the temps aren't that bad for spring but we are getting major offshore winds. Love the baby quilt. That "grunge" fabric is perfect for a baby quilt. Will show less when the "spit up" happens! I love the pattern!

  3. You've gotten more done than I have! And I agree...what happened to spring? LOL


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